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TMRPA 2021 Affordable Housing Tracker

The 2019 Regional Strategy for Housing Affordability outlines 35 actions designed to address  key regional housing issues identified in order to adapt the way the region works on housing to better keep pace with changing needs and demands in the future. To achieve the vision that, “all residents of the Truckee Meadows have access to a continuum of safe, accessible, and affordable housing options in neighborhoods that offer access to opportunity and a high quality of life,” the region will need to operate and collaborate. TMRPA was tasked with various actions and has created the Affordable Housing Tracker in order to complete the following initiatives:

  • Action Item 0.3 - Maintain a Centralized Regional Inventory of Residential Land and Assets

  • Action Item 4.2 - Establish a Regional Preservation Early Warning System 

Reliable and readily available information about residential land and other housing assets in the region will support more efficient and impactful use of resources. To implement this, TMRPA has created an inventory of affordable housing, specifically subsidized housing projects and contract details. To do this, TMRPA compiled this information by using local and state resources. Staff has created an interactive map which will updated on an annual basis, in which affordable housing can be spatially analyzed and assessed.

More About the Affordable Housing Tracker

AF Housing Screenshot.png

Action Item 0.3

Maintain a Centralized Regional Inventory of Residential Land and Assets

TMRPA was tasked with compiling and identifying data that is integral to the future of our region's affordable housing, as well as creating a map of existing housing data. The Affordable Housing Tracker currently contains subsidized housing projects and contract details. TMRPA will continue exploring and collecting affordable housing data, analysis of subsidized housing, and ensure the inventory is publicly available and regularly updated on an annual basis. 

Action Item 4.2

Establish a Regional Preservation Early Warning System 

Throughout Washoe County units have received subsidies in exchange for maintaining affordable rents for low-income households. The affordability restrictions associated with those subsidies, however, have time limits. When those time limits are up, the properties may stop offering affordable rents, resulting in the displacement of low-income tenants who previously lived there. Without preserving these units, it will be difficult for the region to make a dent in its affordable housing shortage. Plus, preservation is much more cost-effective for providing affordability than relying on new construction alone. To preserve the affordability, while improving the quality, of existing affordable rental and homeownership options, TMRPA was tasked with establishing a regional preservation early warning system. Nevada Housing Division maintains information on subsidized housing across the state, along with the affordability periods for each of those properties. TMRPA has included this information as well as data collected from other entities in the region within the tracker, and will continue to build upon this data to establish a process for leveraging it to support more proactive property preservation efforts. TMRPA will evaluate and monitor the data about these properties, expanding data collection as needed. 


In the future, TMRPA will work with other regional housing entities also tasked with this Action Item to provide regular reports on these properties to the jurisdictions in which they are located, such as flagging information that suggest increased risk of losing the property’s affordability.

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