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2019 Regional Strategy for Housing Affordability

With the need for affordable housing growing in the Truckee Meadows region, three agencies have teamed up to develop a regional comprehensive housing strategy. Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities (TMHC) and the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) are collaborating with Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Enterprise) to create the Comprehensive Regional Housing Strategy.

About this document

Housing our Future is the Truckee Meadows’ Regional Strategy for Housing Affordability over the next ten years. This strategy contains two components: a Community Profile and a Strategy Roadmap. The Housing our Future Community Profile introduces and defines the use, need, and impact that affordable housing has and can have on the region. It is supported by robust analysis and evaluation of the current housing stock, market conditions, regional housing tools, and national best practice. The Housing our Future Strategy Roadmap provides the concrete steps the region can take over the next ten years to capitalize on the opportunities and address the needs that were identified in the Community Profile

More Strategy Materials

During the development of the Strategy various materials were used to engage our Truckee Meadows community and ensure a high level of communication during the process. For more information and Strategy highlights, take a look at various newsletters, presentation, data and articles. 


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